Who We Are
Our vision is that every person and family in the province of Ontario can quickly and easily access the finest standard of hospice palliative care when required.

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario's mission is to ensure that our members consistently deliver the finest level of hospice palliative care possible to individuals with life-threatening conditions, their families and their friends.

Caring, compassion, collaboration, sincerity and responsibility serve as our core values, guiding our decisions and our actions.

Board of Directors

John Crean (Chair)
Beth Ellis (Secretary)
Ingrid Robinson (Treasurer)
Sharon Allen
Heather Campbell
Carol Derbyshire
Deborah Gravelle
Greer Hozack
Cathy Joy
Elaine Klym
Rod Malcolm
Andrea Martin
Thelma Martin
Vivan Papaiz
Marg Poling
Rodney W.J. Seyffert
Donna Spaner
Leo Therrien

Please review our list of board profiles for more information on the members of our board of directors.

Archived Materials

Annual Report: 2009-2010
Annual Report: 2008-2009
Annual Report: 2006-2007

Financial Statement: 2011
Financial Statement: 2010
Financial Statement: 2009

Complaints Policy and Code of Conduct

Our complaints policy and our code of conduct are available to download and review in PDF format.